nursery services

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While parents nurture their faith in worship and Sunday School, they are welcome to have their children cared for in the Nursery - Room 114. We welcome infants through age 5 during every worship experience.

The Nursery staff will play, cuddle, diaper, and feed infants according to their schedule and welcomes parents to use this room for these activities, also. She will signal parents with a silent cell phone call/pager if they are needed. No Peanuts or Tree nuts allowed in this room due to peanut allergies in small children.

Fall Littles Sunday School


Please keep your child’s registration form up to date – where parent(s) will be, other safe adults picking up child, allergies, etc. Each room will have appropriate security measures. Please familiarize yourself with these security measures that are in place for your child’s safety.



Help is often needed for the worship hours. Please offer your assistance by signing up on a regular basis. Parents, grandparents, responsible teens and adults are welcomed. Each volunteer will need to complete and sign a Safe Sanctuaries Participation Covenant Statement.

Diaper Bags

A must for children not yet toilet trained. Please include diapers, wipes, changing pad or blanket, a change of clothes, and an ID tag to whom it belongs. If currently toilet training or recently toilet trained, please notify the classroom’s caregiver.


Are provided by the church. All cups should be marked with the child’s name. If allergies exist, please indicate this EACH week on the sign in sheet as our volunteer helpers can change from week to week.


Occasionally the playground will be utilized. If you do not want your child outside, please inform the classroom attendant.

Age Placement

If you are considering moving your child from one room to the next due to change in age, please discuss your concerns with one of the coordinators. They know each room and the best placement for all children.

Staying in Touch

Leave your cell phone number and we'll page you with any concerns regarding your children. We want you to comfortable with the security of your child. Remember to put your phone on vibrate during the worship service.