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This page is designed to provide guidelines for aldersgatede.org, so that users have a consistent experience throughout the site.


  1. Aim for high-quality resolution and clarity.
  2. Avoid photos where minors are present.


  1. Users scan the page for contextual links, as do search engines and screen readers. So, the text within links should be unique and describe the destination of the link. As such, it is better to hyperlink a descriptive item, such as "join us for worship", rather than "click here". 
  2. When linking an email address, hyperlink the person's name, rather than their email address. This helps reduce the risk of the email address being found by spambots.


  1. Lists are used to group certain content together and there are two ways to create lists: unordered list (bullets) and ordered list (numerals).


  1. To help avoid clutter and enhance the user's experience, please strive to limit the number of links that appear in each section (ideal max: 8 links per section).


  1. Strive for consistency in font size for text (17px), headlines (28px) and page headers (38px).


  1. Forms can be created through CloverSites, but new forms that capture any sort of user data (name, email address, etc.) should be discussed first, due to a lack of a Privacy Policy for aldersgatede.org. Acceptable options include signupgenius and googleforms.
  2. A simple poll or survey where personal information is not collected is fine and is not subject to a Privacy Policy.